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Need Help?

Who to contact, when:

Have questions about your appointment? Need to reschedule? 

Contact your doctor's office to take care of any appointment needs

Have questions about how to access your account or join a telehealth call?

Contact us, we are here to help!

Our customer service team is available via email or phone

from 8am to 8pm ET Monday through Friday

Or call us at: (844) 961-2226

Account Status

If you are interested in updating your account status, simply log into your account on the MyCarePlan app. As a patient you have the option to delete your account. In the event you would like to restore your account, please contact us for assistance. Your account will remain inactive but your data will not be lost. Your data is secure and restorable up to 7 years in accordance to HIPAA and other applicable healthcare laws. 

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