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How to do a Telehealth Call

You have been scheduled for a telehealth call with your provider. Please follow instructions below.

Step 1 - Open email from your provider

You have received an email from your provider with instructions and link to your provider's app

Subject line of the email is: Your video call is scheduled - please log in to prepare now

If you are a first time user please click here to learn how to log in first time

Step 2 - Log in and prepare for call

After you log in you will be presented with tasks that you need to complete as soon as possible. If those tasks are not completed ahead of time of the call your appointment might be rescheduled.

Tasks differ from provider, but typical tasks include:

Pay copay

You may be asked to pay your copay by entering your credit card details in the app. The payment is using secure lines and you will receive an email receipt once completed.

Update demographics

It is important that your provider has the correct information about your demographics and you will be asked to review and fill out what is missing

Sign Consent forms

You may also be asked to sign consent forms. These can be signed with your finger and will be saved in your chart in the medical record.

Telehealth tasks.png

Step 3 - Test your camera and sound

If you have not done a telehealth call before or if you are using a new device, please test that you can start the call.

1. Click the clock icon in lower right corner

2. Choose the appointment 


3. Click Start video call


4. Click 'Allow camera and microphone access' if asked

Now you will see yourself in the lower right corner and you have successfully tested that your device can connect.

Click the Hang-up icon under your image to leave the waiting room.

telehealth prep.png

Step 4 - Start call 10 minutes before appointment time

On the day of your appointment you will receive a reminder email 10 minutes before the call. Please log in and be ready at least 5 minutes before the call. 

Follow these steps:

1. Go to your appointment in the app


2. Click Start video call

Now you will be logged into a virtual waiting room and your provider will know that you are ready for the call.

Wait until your provider joins and do not leave the call. 

Your provider will do their very best to be on time, but might run late from the call with the patient before you, so please be patient.

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