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NEW! DriveUp for your Appointment

Learn more about how your provider is using this new feature in 5 easy steps.


Thirty minutes before your visit, you will receive an email asking you to indicate when you’ve arrived at the office, before you’ve come inside.

Virtual Waiting Room Email.png


Once you indicate that you’ve arrived, the system will ask for your date of birth to confirm that you have an appointment today.

Virtual Waiting Room Confirmation.png


You are now on the DriveUp screen and will click on the I have arrived button once you have parked at the practice office.

Virtual Waiting Room I have arrived.png


After you’ve selected, I have arrived, the page changes and lets you know that you will receive a text message when it is your turn to come into the practice.

Virtual Waiting Room Arrived.png


When the staff member clicks Call In, you will see the notice in your browser that the practice is ready for you.

At this point, the staff are ready for you and you can head into the office.

Virtual Waiting Room Come Inside.png
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