How to log in for the first time

The MyCarePlan app and website is used by providers to communicate and share data with their patients. If your provider has invited you please follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1 - Open email from your provider

You have received an email from your provider that includes instructions on how to get started.


In the email you will find your username as well as a password. It is very important that you use this information to log in for the first time as it will connect you with your profile that is already created in the system.

Step 2 - Accessing your account using link in email

Download the app using the link in the email from your provider or log in using the link in email to access your account on your computer.


We recommend using an app if you have a smartphone or a tablet as it will give you more functionalities.

Your provider may utilize their own mobile app and you can find it using the link in the emails. Your provider's app will have the same functionality as the MyCarePlan app.


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Step 3 - Log in with Username and Password from email 

Enter the username and password provided in the email from your provider and Log in.

If you have received multiple emails from your provider, you should use the password in the latest email.


DO NOT use the Sign up here link as you might create a duplicate profile.

Write down the username so you don't forget it.

You will also be able to use face recognition or finger touch to log in next time.

Step 4 - Set a new password and security question

1. Set a new password 


Your password should be minimum of 8 characters long and we recommend including a Capital letter and a number.

2. Set a security question and answer

This will be used to help you retrieve a new password or by Qure4u customer service people to verify your identity if you call our helpline.

Examples of questions are:

My mother's maiden name

My first car

My first dog's name

You are now logged in - please follow tasks in the app

Now you are logged in and can start using the app. 

Please follow the instructions in the tasks from your provider, they will guide you step-by-step on what you need to do at home.

All data you enter in the app is sent securely to your provider's medical record system.

Click the name of the task or the grey arrow and you will be able to see task details.

Once a task is completed you will get a small green tick mark on the right side next to the name of the task.

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